Second Story Additions

Adding a second story to your house is one of the most cost-effective ways of adding more square footage. If you were to do ground-level additions it would cost twice as much. The reason it will cost more is due to several factors that you take it to affect. First you have to make a foundation for the ground-level addition and you would also have to buy a roof to cover. Many homeowners usually go with making a second story addition, since they can just reinstall their current roof, which saves a significant amount of money.
Second-story additions a more cost-efficient than a ground-level addition by at least half. The main reason why the price is cheaper is due to the fact that you were not have to buy a new roof. Your current roof can be reinstalled once you have your second level made. The only thing you have to pay for is a crane to remove and reinstall the roof.
Another reason why homeowners like to add a secondary level is, because the turnaround time is quicker. You will be able to double your square footage of your house within a few days. You can then begin adding your new rooms in a quicker time.
Adding a second story to the house is a great way to save money, if at first you are thinking about ground-level edition. Adding an addition on top will greatly reduce the cost, because you would not have to pay for a foundation. Since the foundation is already made from your lower-level, you and I have to pay to have a foundation created.
The roof also doesn’t have to be torn apart when making an addition on top. If you were to make a ground-level addition the roof would have to be new. Since you will be only making a second-level addition the roof can be reused. You would only have to buy a crane, which can be expensive, but not as expensive as buying an entire new roof.